First Time Manager (FTM) Training

The Pioneer Coaching First Time Manager (FTM) Training is a must-attend for those recently promoted to a manager role and those wanting a head-start on becoming a manager. This workshop offers a blend of real-world situations, proven management techniques, and ideas for you to thrive when developing a person or handling a problem.

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Who Should Attend:

First time managers, human resource professionals, team leads, supervisors, and individuals planning on a career path in management.

How You Will Benefit:

Managing people effectively requires developing and maintaining open lines of communication with each member of the department. The effective manager unites diverse individuals to accomplish mutual goals as a team. This dynamic workshop examines the changing mindset transitioning to the role of manager, the foundation of communication, and more. Learn tools to resolve conflicts less painfully, delegate tasks more efficiently, energize your employees and transform resistance into support! 

Topics Covered:


  • Management versus leadership styles
  • Manager, Supervisor, Team Lead differ
  • What it takes to be a manager: An overview of day-to-day responsibilities
  • Transitioning from individual contributor to manager
  • Responsibilities of a manager
  • Four major skills: Managerial, Technical, Teamwork, and Interpersonal
  • The line on social relationships with those you manage and social media traps


  • Introduction to MBTI®  to understand communication preferences better
  • The power of effective one-on-one time with your direct reports
  • Learning to identify how your organization's culture has an impact on your team and direct reports
  • Principles of emotional intelligence (EQ) to achieve greater effectiveness

Ethical Leadership

  • Know there are lines and avoid accidentally overstepping
  • Identify your group’s values
  • Your vision for ethical leadership
  • Terms to know

Effective Time Management: projects, deadlines, and people

  • Dealing with interruptions, procrastination, and other time robbers
  • How to prioritize when everything is a priority
  • Successful self-management and organizational skills every manager needs to have in their toolbox
  • Managing the "three P's": Procrastination; Poor Planning; Personal Disorganization
  • How to handle impossible deadlines with tact, calm, and professionalism
  • Develop a specific action plan for applying what you’ve learned back on the job
  • Identify people who can support your action plan


  • Workshop Agenda
  • Activity Instructions
  • Handouts
  • Evaluation Form