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MBTI® Step II Assessment Service and feedback

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The MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®) instrument is the world's most widely used personality indicator, with over two million people taking it annually. It is the pre-eminent personality profiler, giving you a deep understanding of yourself and others. It explains how differences between people can be observed and described. It therefore gives you very clear and tips and advice for:

  • Building better interpersonal relationships
  • Creating a high-performance team
  • Becoming an effective leader 

The MBTI® instrument is therefore the preferred choice for leadership trainers, executive coaches and employee counselors.

People have two core personality preferences, innate and learned also called nature and nurture. When you work with Pioneer Coaching you will learn about innate personality preferences through the MBTI® instrument. Personality preferences, sometimes called psychological preferences, are like any other preferences. 

You may have a preference of learning, such as sensory preferring concrete, practical, and procedural information or Intuitive preferring conceptual, innovation, and theoretical information. Others may simply  prefer reading over watching movies. This doesn't mean you won't sometimes choose or be required to use an non-preferred modality to complete your work. Living and working outside your preference can be stressful.

Facts about the MBTI® instrument reliability:

  • Reliability (when scores are treated as continuous scores, as in most other psychological instruments) is as good as or better than other personality instruments.
  • People come out with three to four type preferences the same 90% of the time and quite good across most age and ethnic groups.
  • If a person changes type, it is usually on one of the dichotomous pairs (e.g., E-I or S-N), and in a dichotomy where the preference clarity was low.     

When the MBTI instrument is used with groups where reported reliabilities are lower or data are lacking, caution is exercised and the professional will evaluate appropriate use.

The MBTI® instrument can improve individual, team and company communication, Pioneer Coaching offers all MBTI tools. Depending on tool selected (see below),  individual sessions can be completed by phone, video conferencing, or in-person.