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MBTI® Conflict Style Report

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Do you know your MBTI Type and want to understand how to better manage conflict and enhance relationships in the process?  

Sample MBTI Report The  MBTI® Conflict Style Report is 11-pages uses your reported type. It provides a detailed overview of an individual’s conflict style with specific information on key strengths and likely conflict triggers as well as a description of potential blind spots and areas for further development. To assist individuals with gaining awareness of how others typically approach conflict, the report also explains the essential attributes associated with different conflict styles and offers insights into how others may view—and typically want to address—a conflict situation and includes tips for increasing sensitivity.

Conflict is a natural part of everyone's working and personal life and though it often appears to be triggered by a simple, straightforward issue, more often than not conflict exists because some core element of trust, beliefs, authority, or passion is being challenged. The MBTI® Conflict Style Report helps individuals understand how their MBTI type preferences influence their approach and response to conflict and it provides them with a framework for dealing with conflict situations more effectively.

Additionally, it helps individuals become better at navigating conflict by offering suggestions for how to adjust their natural style to effectively navigate conflicts when they arise and to foster better relationships moving forward.



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